Saint-Petersburg nightlife gives to you unforgettable impressions and consists of completely different types of bars and clubs. Whether you just want to get a drink or dance all night long, it’s all here. This city never sleeps and never has boring nights, there is always a place open full of people. In most places are presupposed to pay for getting in, although some places use what is here called as face control. The meaning is just like it sounds, if you look beautiful and prestigious you get in for free, if not, sometimes you don’t get in at all or should pay. Although just like in all other aspects, bribes do work. Of course you can always reserve a table, there are two different types of tables, one where you pay a certain amount for the table and then you are able to order food and drinks for the money you paid, so called Deposit table, and other where you just pay for the table and everything else is extra.
Glamorous nightlife:  These clubs are usually consist of the same people that go from one club to another throughout the night and the casual few that were able to get in. There is usually a big crowd at the door waiting to gain entrance, with strict front door policy. Once inside you will find the most beautiful girls and people, that are trying very hard to show off. Tourists get the same treatment as everyone else. Unlike most other places, here if you pass the front door the entrance is free.


Rossi’s club

Music: Pop music, life music
Located very close to Nevskiy Prospect, this place has always been a heaven for tourists.
With free champagne for girls on Thursdays and other such events, this place gets full with locals and tourists. The best time to visit is Thursday as weekends. The place features local bands, pop music, and striptease dances about once every hour. Fun dance and karaoke club with James Bond nights, beer parties, strip shows or stand-up comedy from 9pm onward.

Work hours: mo-su 21.00-6.00
Address: Zodchego Rossi str.1/3, metro “Gostiny Dvor”


Golden Dolls

Music: Pleasant music for your relaxation
Golden Dolls is the first high level erotic club in St. Petersburg.
This place is considered to be an elite place for pleasure and can provide you many services.
It was attended by many world-famous stars such as Ricky Martin, Brian Adams,
Harrison Ford, Mylene Farmer etc.
Golden Dolls is the organizer of the international festival of professional striptease and attracts the best dancers of the genre from Russia and the Baltic countries.
The famous theatrical shows and conceptual parties are take place in this club.
This is a place for lovers of beauty of human bodies and art of erotic dance.

Work hours: mo-su 20.00-6.00
Address: Nevsky Prospect 60, metro “Gostiny Dvor”


Deep Dishes Casual café

Music: House
Deep Dishes Casual café – it is a pleasant place, which will surprise you with its cuisine.
The main difference from other places this kind is branded deep dish.
Bright, ripe style approaches for meetings with friends and business negotiations.
The banquets and corporate events are taking place at this café.
In summer café opens the terrace, where you can enjoy a great view at Nevsky Prospekt.

On Fridays and Saturdays Deep Dishes turns into a nightclub. It plays great music
in house style. At the DJ decks you can see the most talented and interesting musicians of St. Petersburg.

Work hours: mo-su: 08.00-06.00
Address: Nevsky Prospect 84, metro “Mayakovskaya”